About us

Mission Statement:

  • To build the bridge between Eastern and western medicine through clinical practices, education, and research.

Goal statement

  • To strengthen the ties between conventional western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine
  • To enhance the understanding of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
  • To promote the accessibility and application of acupuncture and oriental medicine
  • To lower the medical cost and increase the quality of care in the American society.

Objective in the 2015-2020

  • establish connections and gather expertise of the majority of BUCM alumni in the USA
  • create platforms for alumni communication
  • build networks for patient referral among acupuncture and oriental medicine practioners
  • strengthen the communication between alumni and alma mater BUCM as well as other BUCM alumni association
  • facilitate the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the USA through high quality of clinical service and high levels of education
  • compile textbooks for oriental medicine colleges
  • construct guidelines/recommendations for the optimization of clinical practices in the fields of oriental medicine and integrative medicine
  • organize professional and academic conferences and lectures to enhance the efficacy and quality of care
  • propose research idea, apply for funding opportunities, and carry out research studies in acupuncture and oriental medicine
  • provide help, assistance, and guidance to alumni when needed