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Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as the nation's earliest and only key TCM university, has trained a large number of outstanding talents. We are proud and proud to be able to attend such a higher education institution. We elites have traveled to the United States in a foreign country to transmit our traditional Chinese medicine culture, and create greater glories for the benefit of the people of the world, including the United States. Our alma mater is our roots, the branches grow again, the leaves grow again, the flowers grow fresh, and the fruit grows again, all stemming from the roots. It is our root school that constantly feeds us nutrients so that we can thrive. Roots are our strong backing and our foundation. The leaves and flowers cannot be separated from the roots, nor can they forget the roots. We have a common mother (school) regardless of our age, grade, and level. We all have similar backgrounds and experiences. We all have a desire to get everyone together. , Like a big family, love each other and grow together. In view of this, we have established such a platform for alumni to communicate with each other. I hope everyone can fully cherish and make use of such a good opportunity.

The 6th American TCM Congress(Virtual Convention) in 2020 will be held online from October 23-25. Registration is now open!

Registration is now open! The theme of the conference is mainly clinical (classical prescriptions, gynecology, pain, emotion, acupuncture, tongue diagnosis). Conference time : Friday, Eastern Time: 8:00pm-11:30 pm Saturday, Eastern Time: 6:00pm-11:00 pm Sunday, Eastern Time: 11:00am-9:00 pm If you encounter a problem during the registration process, you can send a screenshot of the problem and a brief description to: [email protected]

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    Haihe Tian Introduction and Message

    Haihe Tian, undergraduate study at Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) in 1982. He graduated in 1988 and continued to study for a master's degree at the university. He turned to a doctoral student in 1990 and his tutor is Professor Dong Jianhua. Graduated in 1993 and obtained postdoctoral work in the internal medicine of Dongzhimen Hospital. He came to the United States in 1997 and has served as Dean and Director of the Clinical Department at Florida College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching and clinical consultation. 2001 Established China Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center, American Academy of Chinese Medicine. Former director of the National Association of Chinese Medicine (AAAOM), deputy president of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine Alumni Association in the United States, master and doctoral review expert of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medical College Accreditation Committee (ACAOM), American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medical Universities ) Doctoral Committee, Clean Needle Technical Committee, Core Textbook Committee Member and Clean Needle Exam Leader and Examiner, American Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Qualification Examination Board (NCCAOM). He has given more than 200 lectures at the annual conferences of AAAOM, American Acupuncture Alliance, TCM Foundations, TCM Zone, State and other national, international conferences, TCM colleges, World Federation of Alliances and the United States Chinese Medicine Hospital Alumni Association. I have visited most American colleges of Chinese medicine, traveled to most states in the United States, and have extensive contact with our alumni and other colleagues in Northern Chinese Medicine. Today, I feel that we have gathered our North Chinese Medicine alumni together to set up the American Alumni Association of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. I hope that everyone will stand up for your support and work together.

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    Our Mission

    1. Extensive contacts and cohesion of all new and old alumni and coworkers in the United States.
    2. Establish a platform for alumni to communicate with each other and exchange life and work experience.
    3. Students with clinics can introduce patients to each other.
    4. Communicate with our alumni association and our alma mater and other alumni associations.
    5. Affect the development of TCM in the Americas and the direction of running schools.
    6. Based on our alumni association, organize the compilation of textbooks for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    7. Host high-level academic lectures and conferences.
    8. Help new and later classmates be familiar with the situation in the Americas and give them life and work guidance.

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